NOTICE-More than 50% of all Marriages in our secular society end up  in the Divorce/Family Court system. 

Do not enter into any CONTRACT unprepared!

The Purpose of this website is to educate and inform on the declining status of the family unit in our society and the role our corrupt “Family” court system plays in that decline.

Our aim is to provide information and resources to help navigate and survive the perils of matrimonial dissolution and the subsequent fallout to the parties and children that may be involved.

We will specifically address the forum’s opinion in part as to why this breakdown is occurring, the statistics as well as offer ideas to best navigate the treacherous ground and pitfalls of the legal divorce process.  Should you be one that comes under the attack of the family courts you will likely be faced with what amounts to no less than a 50% levy on your all of your assets, if you’re a UK citizen could have your passport taken away, have your liberty threatened and even be imprisoned!!

We hope to provide you with resources to help in dealing with issues such as child custody, support and parenting in a broken family environment, as well as how to combat a system that is seemingly stacked against the respondents in these cases, generally the husbands and fathers.

One recent UK court case involved a ‘girlfriend’ of a wealthy man petitioning her Majesties High Court to become a preferential creditor and place a worldwide “Freeze Order” on her married beau’s assets.  Yes it sounds outrageous, more on that on our “Editorial Page”.

Lastly, but certainly not  least, we shall speak to matters  needing to be addressed at any stage of a matrimonial contract. Whether one be planning on marriage, currently in a marriage or facing the demise of marriage and divorce, what must be on the forefront is consideration as to how best secure a family’s financial well-being and the assets that you have worked so hard for.

Preserving wealth is much harder than most individuals with measurable assets believe. The fact is, fewer than 15% of all families maintain their wealth over two decades or more. That means, over 85% of all families with any wealth see their assets disappear due to failure to plan. To Quote: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail“!  More on this on our “Preserving Family Wealth” page

Taking a few steps now no matter what your current direction or situation is, could save you from absolute financial devastation.  One must take the steps toward establishing a proper financial plan and structure to insure that your assets are not only protected from private and public claims, but also from the increasingly repressive and corrupt public and court and tax systems of today’s world. 

Just as important as choosing the right asset protection structure, is finding trustworthy professionals with genuine integrity to guide you and insure that every measure possible is taken to secure your family’s best financial interest. This is addressed in detail in our “Preserving Family Wealth” page of this site.

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