Preserving Family Wealth

Preserving wealth is much harder than most individuals with measurable assets would believe. The fact is, fewer than 15% of all families maintain their wealth over two decades or more. That means, over 85% of all families with any wealth see their assets substantially depleted.

A recent study revealed that from the original 1982 Forbes 400 Wealthiest in America, only 54 families from the original list continue to retain that wealth today. This means that only 15% of the original number, just 21 years later, still had the wealth they or their families had worked hard to accumulate. And this 15% figure, according to the 2012 JP Morgan study, is representative of all wealth creators, at all asset levels, everywhere.

There is a good chance that  if you happen to be fortunate enough to be a person of “means”, then you likely know that you are a “walking target”.  There are individuals and entities lying in-wait for an opportunity to take any and all of what you have worked so hard for.

Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society that is littered with professional vultures circling just waiting for the opportunity to strike and take what you have, whether that be in a marital dissolution or other legal action.

Most of these adversaries come cleverly cloaked as honorable “officers of the courts”, attorneys, lawyers and barristers who make their living off the anguish and misfortune of others.  Now we must acknowledge, that not all of the members of this ‘honored’ vocation are frivolous financial pirates, but enough of them to have severely warped the once just legal system and given the profession a pretty negative reputation.

So, as a result someone of significant financial status MUST take precautions to protect themselves and the legacy of their family’s wealth.

The most highly recommended methods to accomplish insuring that you and your family’s livelihood is protected from all adversaries, private and public is that of an offshore or international asset protection  structure.

However, as we have already mentioned it is extremely vital that one chooses a professional entity to work with that will act at in your family’s best interest.

One anti-fraud iinvestigative organization, conducted a three year investigation into such offshore entities worldwide.  In their findings a few such groups passed the vetting process and were discovered to be worthy of referral.  The grounds for which these groups were evaluated was background, client satisfaction, experience, reputation, ethics, integrity, efficiency (not being “Fee Driven”  operating in a economically cost effective manner), and finally and perhaps the most important trait was that they had deep understanding of what it means and takes to protect the assets of their clients at ALL costs.

Another Important matter that must also be considered should you already be in an asset protection Trust, is the structure absolutely secure?  Please do not just take the word of whoever is currently administrating your structure.

Also discovered in the three year investigation were several companies who claimed to have the utmost integrity and regards for their fiduciary positions who ended up costing the clients millions of dollars, by either not acting  in the best interest of the Trust assets as promised, to even pilfering assets for which they had a fiduciary responsibility.

The investigative entity specifically identified such “reputable” companies located in various international jurisdictions.  A full report on those entities and the findings on this subject as well are available.

Do yourself a tremendous favor and do not just accept that because you are with one such company that you are protected.  We implore you to take just a few moments to make the inquiry and evaluate the situation for yourself.

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