Scot Young-Goes to JAIL for not paying off Wife, Michelle’s Demand of $200 Million

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I can’t believe I’m locked up with killers and rapists over a matrimonial matter: Jailed tycoon hits out at his ‘ridiculous’ punishment in divorce row

High Court judge, Mr Justice Moor, today jailed him for six months

By Ben Ellery

PUBLISHED: 26 January 2013

The property tycoon jailed for refusing to reveal his finances during one of Britain’s biggest divorce battles has described his punishment as ‘ridiculous’.

Scot Young, 51, a one-time ‘fixer’ for the super-rich, has claimed he ‘lost’ his £400 million fortune and insists he is penniless and unable to pay maintenance.

‘I can’t believe I’m locked up with murderers, drug dealers and rapists for 22 hours a day over a matrimonial matter,’ he said.

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Scot Young, 51, pictured left with his girlfriend Noelle Reno, 29, has described his punishment as ‘ridiculous’; Miss Reno was in tears after visiting Young in prison, pictured right

His estranged wife Michelle, 48, claims he has hidden his fortune abroad.

Earlier this month a High Court judge lost patience with the tycoon for failing to explain what had happened to his money and jailed him for a ‘flagrant and deliberate’ contempt of court.

Young, who counts Topshop entrepreneur Sir Philip Green and Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky among his friends, once enjoyed an enviable lifestyle, traveling by private jet and owning lavish homes, luxurious cars and a yacht in Monaco. For his wife’s 40th birthday, he gave her £1 million worth of Graff diamond jewelry.



Young’s estranged wife Michelle, 48, pictured, claims he has hidden his fortune abroad

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But Mrs Young left him in 2006, claiming their ‘volatile’ marriage had become unbearable, and for the past two years has received almost no maintenance.

Describing life at Pentonville prison in North London, Young said: ‘I’m sharing a cell with a complete stranger and have nothing but a bunk bed and toilet to look at.

‘I’m trying to keep up  my spirits over this but  it is hard. I never thought in a million years my life would have come to this.

‘Luckily I’ve managed to lose 5lb by being able to work-out in  the prison gym which has saved  my sanity.’

The decision to jail Young was seen as a signal that judges are  prepared to take a tough line on spouses who defy court orders. Young called it a ‘black day for the marital justice system.

The father of two claims his  fortune disappeared after a Moscow property deal collapsed three  years ago.

At an earlier hearing, he was ordered by the court to pay £27,500 a month in maintenance for Michelle and the couple’s daughters, Scarlet, 20, and Sasha, 18. But he ran up an unpaid maintenance bill of more than £1 million.

A court ordered him to explain where his money had gone but he gave no explanation and simply accused Michelle of trying to have him jailed out of malice.

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