JILTED-MICHELLE YOUNG-calls “$35 Million Dollar Award A MOCKERY”!!!

MOR-Michelle-Young-2‘I made a stand for women’: ‘JILTED’-Wife (Michelle Young) who says £20m divorce deal isn’t enough declares she is a champion of women’s rights and an example of women falling through the net in family law.

Attacked husband Scot for forcing one of their daughters into state school- Speaking outside court she described her lengthy legal battle as ‘a desperate struggle for me and my daughters’. Taking note that millions of children who attend those “State” schools are so beneath them.

She had demanded half her husband Scot’s assets, maintaining he was worth ‘a few billion at least’ but had hidden away ‘a vast fortune-Saying husband made ‘mockery of justice system’, vowing ‘this is not over’.

By being married and living like a queen and having been provided ablosute luxury for 17 years she and other woman like her have earned and are entitled to the Billions that her husband earned.

The Questions that ruminate are: 

How much should a woman like Michelle Young be paid for  the opportunity of living a life of extraordinary luxury for 17-years? 

Is not nearly a two Million dollar a year bounty enough to come along for the ride?Youngs in Mediterranean 2000

Michelle Young, the divorcee who attacked her £20million court settlement as a ‘mockery’, has also branded herself a champion of women’s rights, and her ex-husband as a man of ‘no feeling’.

The 49-year-old, who was hoping for £300million plus expenses, conceded that to some it may seem like a fortune but insists her case exposes how woman do not get paid what they have earned by agreeing to being married and taking care of a husbands needs and fall through the net in family law.

She also attacked her husband for cruelly forcing one of their daughters into state education.

Her comments come at the end of a seven-year legal battle on Thursday, from which she emerged glaring.

Despite telling the court she needed enough money to buy a £25million mansion in London’s exclusive Wood Perry House In Oxfordshire one of young PropertiesBelgravia, a judge ruled that ‘fixer for the super-rich’ Scot Young, 51, would have to give his wife £20million.

She had hoped to walk away with a nine-figure pay out from the man she refers to as ‘Mr Young’, who the judge ruled had hidden £45million from the court.

‘I have made a stand for women.  My case has exposed the woeful shortcomings of the family law system. I don’t want to go through this for nothing, I want to see the law changed to protect women like me with children by men who conveniently find they suddenly have no assets when they want to go off with a younger woman. I have been scorned and I shall be avenged.  ‘I think and hope this case is making history.’

 Blasting ‘Mr Young’ as ‘emotionless’, she attacked him for driving one of their two daughters into state education when she could no longer afford the £5,375-a-term fees for Francis Holland School in London.

Michell young with 2 daughters Sasha and ScarletThe mother and two daughters, Scarlet, 21, and Sasha, 19, have moved into a two-bedroom flat partly paid for by housing benefit. Sasha and Mrs Young share a room.

It has been a tough battle for the family learning to travel by Tube and shop at markets.

She said: ‘If you loved your children, you wouldn’t do this sort of thing to them, no matter what he says about loving them. When I see him it makes my skin crawl.’

However, in the final hearing this week, the judge launched a scathing attack on both Youngs as parents, saying he felt ‘nothing but sympathy’ for their two children, and criticising the warring couple for failing to be ‘child-focused’.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Moor said: ‘It is undoubtedly the most difficult financial remedy case I have ever come across.

‘This case has been extraordinary even by the standards of the bitterest matrimonial breakdowns. Extremely serious allegations have been bandied around like confetti. Some of these allegations can only be described as “wild”.

‘The case has cost the wife millions in litigation fees. In many respects this is about as bad an example of how to litigate as I have encountered.’

He finished by saying: ‘Finally, I feel nothing but sympathy for the two children of these parties. Through no fault of their own, their parents’ marriage broke down. A marital breakdown is distressing enough for any child, but for the divorce to then be played out in the full glare of the media must have been absolutely appalling for them.’

‘What has occurred has not been child-focused. I truly hope that the parents will reflect on this. I hope it does not happen to any other children.’ Speaking outside the court, Mrs Young – who has been refusing to finalize the divorce until the finances are resolved – said: ‘It is a disgrace. I stand by what I said. He is worth billions.

‘Many people will be watching this and think it’s a fortune but all this order is a piece of paper. This isn’t over. Not for me. Not for my two daughters and not for Mr Young.’

Asked about his wife’s reaction to the ruling, Mr Young said: ‘Disgraceful? That was my wife’s quote was it? No comment.’

Mrs Young had demanded half her husband’s assets, claiming that he was worth ‘a few billion pounds at least’ but had hidden away his cash in a series of secret investments.

He was said to have created a business structure called ‘Project Marriage Walk’ to hide assets from his wife as their marriage hit the rocks.

After employing 13 sets of lawyers and four teams of accountants, she remains convinced that property tycoon Mr Young’s claims of bankruptcy are ‘lies’. But handing down his ruling, Mr Justice Moor said: ’Doing as best as I can, I find that he still has £45million hidden from this court.  ‘The wife is entitled to a lump sum of £20million. I can see no reasons why the husband should not pay the sum quickly – I therefore order him to pay within 28 days.’

Breakdown of costs

He added: ‘I have rejected all the more fanciful allegations made against him.

‘I cannot see how he would have complied with an order for a lump sum of £300million let alone £400million. I hope that he will take the view that he is better off paying the lower sum of £20million so that he can concentrate on rebuilding his life.’

After beginning their relationship in 1989 and having two daughters, the Youngs had bought a home in Youngs in Barbados by ConcordeLondon, a mansion in Oxfordshire, luxurious residences around the globe and travelled by private jet.

But after they separated in 2006 a bitter battle for cash began. Mr Young offered his wife a £300million settlement on 25 August 2009 – but the next year insisted that he had suffered a financial ‘meltdown’. The court heard a further claim that Mr Young had then suggested another offer of £27million, saying that ‘only a greedy cow would refuse that’.

They enjoyed a lifestyle known only by the world’s wealthiest, globe-trotting by private jet between their vast homes.

The very famous names dragged into the row

Inhabiting a world few people can imagine, Scot and Michelle Young mixed in a superleague of power players.

But as details of their fantastic riches were aired in court during one of Britain’s most acrimonious and colourful divorce battles, perhaps the most eyebrow-raising moment was the revelation of the largesse of Mr Young’s friends after the marriage fell apart.

In a statement to the court, retail tycoon Sir Philip Green said he had loaned Mr Young £80,000 in 2008 ‘as a favour’ to help pay for a Regent’s Park flat for Mrs Young.

Restaurateur Richard Caring confirmed that he loaned Mr Young £50,000 as he had known him for many years and wanted to help him through his financial difficulties.

Mrs Young, 49, sensationally alleged that the two men, along with X Factor impresario Simon Cowell and the late Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky were involved in a conspiracy to hide her husband’s assets.

Her bombshell claim to the High Court came as she pursued former property developer Mr Young for part of the billions of pounds she said he had hidden.

But Mr Young, 51, said he was left penniless after the collapse of a Moscow deal that cost him his entire fortune virtually overnight.

She even alleged her husband was a major shareholder with Cowell’s American Idol show, and added: ‘I am told I will never find out the truth because these people are wealthy and powerful.’

Mr Young, a former fixer to the super-rich, told the court his wife’s claims were those of a ‘fantasist’ and rejected her accusation that his friends were ‘sheltering’ his money.

He had met Cowell fewer than five times and had ‘never had any business with him’, and it was ‘laughable’ that he had a secret shareholding American Idol.

Mr Young claimed he had ‘probably bumped into Sir Philip in the street once and seen him outside a nightclub once’ in two years. He said he had had no income since 2006 and was living ‘with the support of friends’.

Sir Philip, Mr Cowell, Mr Caring and Mr Berezovsky, who was found hanged at his Ascot mansion earlier this year, all dismissed her allegations of a conspiracy. In his ruling yesterday, the judge said that he ‘entirely and unreservedly’ accepted the evidence given to the court by Sir Philip and Mr Caring about their loans to Mr Young.

Before their split, the couple lived in unimaginable luxury. They owned six mansions in Belgravia, Britain’s most exclusive postcode, and the family home was £21million Wood Perry House in Oxfordshire, described as ‘Buckingham Palace in miniature’.

They also had a £3.5million beach house in Miami, a yacht in Monaco, employed a small army of servants and housekeepers, and dined in the finest restaurants.

They drove fabulous cars, including two Mercedes Gullwings worth £700,000 each. Mr Young had a £70,000 watch, and said jewellery he bought for his wife’s 40th cost £150,000.

Can these Entitled Women get any more ridiculous?

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