Signs of disintegration of modern culture

Sociologist and historian Carle Zimmerman, in his 1947 book Family and Civilization, recorded his observations as he compared the disintegration of various cultures with the parallel decline of family life in those cultures. Seven specific patterns of domestic behavior typified the downward spiral of each culture Zimmerman studied.

*Marriage loses its sacredness…is frequently broken by divorce.

*Traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony is lost.

*Feminist movements abound.

*Increased public disrespect for parents and authority in general.

*Acceleration of juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, and rebellion.

*Growing desire for and acceptance of adultery.

*Increasing interest in and spread of sexual perversions and sex-related crimes.

With 50% of children born out of wedlock in the UK, 3.8m children being caught up in the UK family courts, and over 50% of marriages destined for the Divorce Courts, perhaps Carle Zimmerman has correctly predicted a decline in modern civilization.

UK Family System


The UK, as many “western” cultures has developed into a country with sham marriages and its family courts run by profit driven lawyers.  The UK courts consider marriage a one sided contract, one party can do what they want, (sadly many choose to) and the side, generally men have to pay up.  As Bob Geldorf made clear in his documentary, the system has successfully tinkered with a 2000 year old institution and come up with an unworkable mess.  With that being the case, why would any sensible man hand over his life’s work to these courts to carve up.

A marriage contract does not resemble any other contract in the world.   One spouse has to build the “Gherkin”, and the other does not have to pay for it, or can steal Coca Cola’s precious syrup formula and get rewarded for doing so!

The system may well be in contravention of a businessman’s human right, the right to make a contract.

These courts have no concern for the importance of capital to a businessperson nor to their own economy.  Without capital and hard working competent businessmen, and sometimes women, it is unlikely that the Western economic problems will be resolved soon.  Taking away economic capital from competent men and giving it ex-spouses who are often adulterous, to allow them to set up another home, normally at their ex-husbands expense thereby enabling them to now support yet another man is despicable.  Many businesses are brought to their knees by the divorce system.  How can the Government expect to solve the economic problems with this system in operation?

The system places no responsibility on one side of failed marriages to have to make any financial contribution at all to their families where their ex husbands are financially sound.  The legal profession seems to encourage women to seek a divorce and to walk out with a fortune of such vast amounts that most of women would not have been able to make that amount of money in many life times. (It was the start of a turnaround in South Africa when one greed driven woman was rejected in her attempt to raid her ex husband’s resources with a comment by the judge that it is high time that women realize that marriage is not a meal who ticket for life, and that she should go out and work.)

Should you be one that comes under the attack of the family courts you will likely be faced with what amounts to no less than a 50% levy on your all of your assets, if you’re a UK citizen could have your passport taken away, have your liberty threatened and even be imprisoned!! Estranged spouses and alike can now be treated as “preferential/secured creditors” and obtain worldwide freeze orders on all of your assets literally destroying everything a person has ever worked for.  Be warned this type of action is becoming more and more commonplace.

One recent UK court case involved a ‘girlfriend’ of a wealthy man petitioning her Majesties High Court to become a preferential creditor and place a worldwide “Freeze Order” on her married beau’s assets.  Yes it sounds outrageous, more on that on our “Editorial Page”. (for actual examples of this please visit our case examples page on this website)

Lawyers have a knack of acting like parasites to bleed parties of divorce where there is money.  Where there is no money, miraculously, they find a quick solution, when there is money, they milk it for years and years

Social effects on Men and their children

The courts have done a fantastic job of destroying the family system, mainly by their heavy handed approach to men in dealing with the funds men have earned from conscious decisions to trade their hours they have been given in this lifetime for money or capital.

Apart from the 3.8 million children tied up in the family system, there is also the problem that nearly half of the white and a staggering 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. A short 2 hour read of James Dobson’s book “Bringing up Boys” will illustrate just how disastrous absent fathers are on society, but these judges in the family courts seem blind to this fact, and are malicious in dealing with fathers and their children.  It is a well documented fact that teenage boys need their fathers, but the system makes it almost impossible for divorced fathers to behave like proper role models for our boys so they don’t go off the rails

Men are most vulnerable to their emotions, and it is the system that is designed to have maximum effect on their emotions with the confiscation of their homes, banishment from their children and phenomenal financial costs, especially to businessmen who need the capital for their businesses or to ply their trade.

General potential problems for Society and the economy

With the Government researching how to issue 100 year Bonds to fund out of control deficit spending which entails spending over 50% of the budget on welfare (to support women who have 7 or 8 children by 7 or 8 different men) and where the family unit is on the rocks thanks mainly to liberal judges who have enacted what seem to be “anti-family” laws, it sets the scene for big social and economic problems for the future.  Given that the UK is effectively bankrupt and with a struggling economy (it spends over 200Bn on welfare payments while only collecting about 150Bn in income tax annually) it is astounding that these courts don’t respect that the only way any bankrupt country and fledgling economy can recover is with an adequate supply of intellectual and financial capital.

The excessive debts run up by liberal spend thrift politicians (overall UK debt is about 450% of GDP and the US at nearly 100%) has also set the scene for the bond vigilantes to wait in the wings to squeeze the west on interest rates on their debt as their debt ratings slowly deteriorate as existing debt has to be repaid or renewed.  Once interest rates sky rocket, as they have in some liberal European countries where they cannot pay their bills, the poor taxpayers will be working like hell, if they are prepared to, to stand still.

With the Family courts making awards like they do, it is surprising that any foreign capital will be attracted.    These courts have done a magnificent job in destroying many wealthy businessmen’s careers by levying a Divorce Tax of 50% of a businessman’s assets, and with VAT at 20%, Income Tax at 50%, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Donations Tax, it surely is a country that has very little respect for entrepreneurs and for foreign capital.

Maybe the smart guys will wake up and leave the country with their children, (as the statistics are that every other marriage will fail), and leave the burden of the debt to for others to pay.  (Maybe they will resort to confiscating general property to pay the debt like they do in the Family courts).

In fact, young men should take note that the odds are that if this system continues and they choose to live and work in the US or UK, they could spend their whole life working for nothing.  Their excessive taxes will be used to finance liberal welfare policies and paying huge interest on irresponsible debt run up by Blair and Brown Inc and the “FED”.  They could end up at 60 years old in a one bedroom flat (renting probably) with most of their pension gone, having had the house they paid for confiscated from them and given to their ex wife, as well as having to pay her maintenance for 45 years or so, leaving them worse off than when they were 19.

Setting out policies that will in effect discourage hard work, will have a major impact in the future on the funding of the government debt that has built up.

The Divorce System in the UK/US Family Courts

Most men are completely oblivious to the viciousness of the Family Courts, if they were aware, most would never get married, and if they did, would not own their homes (they would rent them).   According to the current divorce statistics, more than half will become entangled in this system.

The system will:

1          Reward adulterous partners huge sums of money for breaking their wedding vows, cheating, being dishonest and lying.  As a man, no matter how you conduct yourself, the system will decimate your financial affairs.

2          Endorse stealing of documents.  Most of us have learned in life lessons 101 that stealing was theft and wrong, but apparently not so in the Family courts.

3          In the UK they confiscate your passport to force you to pay up, no matter what the consequence.

4          Ignore perfectly valid financial or “prenuptial” agreements made by couples on how to take care of each other financially in the event of a marriage breakdown.

5          Ignore foreign Trusts and seek to destroy their real or intended basis of set up, labeling them “shams”.

6          Encourage their legal counterparts to engage in correspondence at a cost of $400 or more per letter driven by simple greed to run up unnecessary legal bills that only go to fund their own lavish lifestyles on the backs of those entangled in this tragic epidemic.  It seems they follow a secret “code” where they know they can rack  up pointless correspondence and billable hours to pile up legal bills.

7          Force one party to pay for their spouse’s legal fees not matter who is at fault, with no responsibility of how those funds are spent by opposing lawyers of the brotherhood.

8          Allow a snap shot to be taken of a man’s behavior which is generally out of character and then use that to frame men as villains to penalize them on financial matters.

9          Override foreign contracts to confiscate your property and money.

10        Award children’s maintenance awards to women even though the children don’t stay with them.  If you are wealthy, they will award huge sums for child support to finance 500 Coca Cola’s a day, where if you are not wealthy, then maybe 1 a week would do.  Their system sets the children up as multimillionaires before they have done a day’s work.

11        Overvalue the value of a man’s business to enable a large award to be made in favor of the greed driven estranged spouse.

12        Force you to produce all very confidential information about your business clients that they will make public under the threat of contempt of court if you don’t, thereby destroying your business in the future.

13        Ignore future market conditions in assessing the value of your business (GFC for example) or the current Euro/Dollar debt crisis, thereby making it impossible for you to protect your business with sufficient cash in the event of a liquidity crisis. The effect of this is to inflate the value of your business, (that has nothing to do with your domestic or marital affairs), so they can award more to your spouse.

14        Ignore the actual financial basis of how you live, but force you to make huge payments for your spouse to live way beyond their status in life.

15        Kick you out of your own home that you have provided

16        Make it very very difficult for you to play a meaningful role in your children’s lives.

17        Allow your spouse to enter into champetous arrangements so that a third party can share a substantial part of the bounty.

18        Confiscate your property that is owned by foreign corporations or trusts.

19        Manipulate laws intended to ensure that irresponsible men are made to be responsible and use those laws to extract huge sums of money out of successful reliable men.

20        Do just what they want. They have stretched the intent of the ‘Act’ so far that the rulings do not resemble what was intended when the ‘Act’ was put on the statute books.

21        Ignore anti-nuptial contracts that exist where they are in favor of women, while ignoring them where men are concerned.

22        Ignore the fact that where finances change over a period of a settlement and award, and there is a substantial drop in the value of the assets, as in the case of GFC, some men were left with very little due to collapsing asset values.

The system is about how clever each lawyer/barrister can be in persuading one of his colleagues who is now a judge to create new case law history at the expense of a family’s emotional tragedy and finances.

Quite ironically, one High Court Judge of the UK Family court division who participated in making the above laws indicated he was prepared to speak out on “so called justice” in the Family Courts and start a Charity.

He went further by saying that the legal profession has made its fortune out of mostly mens misfortune which is scandalous.   In the vast majority of cases, it is men that get screwed by the system.

Everyday some poor family is caught up in the vice grip of malicious lawyers.

Re-balancing the general marriage principles and restoring the rightful role of families in society

There must be very few children that don’t want to have a loving home, their parents to love each other, and to experience stability while they are growing up in their vulnerable years.  The courts seem to have gone overboard in “protecting” children, but it is the family unit that needs TLC.

With the huge financial disincentive to get married, it is no wonder that the old fashioned institution is in taters.  The lawyers have done a wonderful job of achieving this.

In an attempt to reverse this startling trend toward destruction of the family unit, the following need to be addressed:

Once committed to marriage, greed or the promise or temptation of a better lifestyle out of wedlock should be eliminated.  If the greed temptation is reduced or eliminated, many marriages that are not working will not be so acrimonious.   That would also eliminate the temptation to be guided by lawyers to engage in tactics to “hit him in his pocket” where it really hurts as a means to seek retribution.

No marriage should be bound financially without a financial agreement between the parties involved.  It should be as difficult to entangle your financial affairs prior and during a marriage as they are when trying to disentangle your affairs when you choose to dissolve a marriage.

Proper marriage guidance courses should encouraged before getting married, where the skills are taught on how men and women can live with each other in harmony and faithfully.

Living together should be discouraged.  Those that choose to do so should be made aware that they will be 7 times more likely to get divorced than if they did not live together prior to marriage.  (This is supported by American research as well as Biblical instruction.)

Separation should be done by mediation, and should be compulsory with caring arbiters, not ruthless judges that threaten parties with jail if they are unable to produce a document that is over 20 years old, harass us and waste our time poring over irrelevant paperwork.

Women should also be held mutually accountable for their own out of wedlock pregnancy.  If they do fall pregnant, it must be their choice to do so if it is not rape.  It must follow that they should be much more accountable for their actions.  If they do err, then their families should come to their rescue to provide that caring home in these unfortunate circumstances, not just the state or her male partner.  But for this to be effective, responsibility has to be given back to the family unit and for the families not to abdicate their responsibilities to the state.  Empowering fathers to be responsible for their 13 year old daughter’s sexual behavior would be a start.

Couples should be encouraged to better prepare for the lifetime commitment and seek advice from organizations such as Focus on the Family, will help reduce these painful and expensive mistakes and be better for society.

Those couples that conduct their marriages on the basis of faithfulness should be admired. Affairs with secretaries should be discouraged and should become unacceptable practice. “Playing Away” should be discouraged, as is drinking and driving now.

Stay at home mothers provide wonderful anchor to children while they are small, and at some sacrifice to their careers.  However, they should also be encouraged to work part time or seek an education if they want to by creating opportunities to work or take classes at home when their children are at school, or by telecommuting thereby maintaining an ability to support themselves in the event of divorce or death of a spouse also considering the troubled economy.

As for the women who steal a man’s documents to assist them in getting a large pay out, the Government should pass laws allowing those affected by this theft to prosecute them with the threat of jail as it would be if we stole from our employer.  They would soon offer to return the excesses they have got out of a rotten system.

Eventually, respect will return for the family unit and its importance in our lives and society.  The large percentage of the children of divorced families would prefer that their mothers and fathers loved each other and stayed together, so why would they not support the objective of trying to have the old fashioned families back as the first prize, the gold prize, in society.

With pre-agreed financial arrangements, the legal thugs will be reduced to far less disputes and may well have to turn their hand to other aspect of the law.

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