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The list of subject topics “Fathers Help Hotline” and “Ezine Articles” and information under the “Resource” drop box above is offered as reference and material support to those who may be faced with or going through one of life s most horrifically painful and challenging experiences, the break-up of family and ultimately divorce.

This most treacherous road is littered with seemingly impossible obstacles and legal impediments.  The unfairly skewed process  can often lead to what amounts to nothing short of financial Armageddon. The emotional toll of not only loosing the person you most trusted, but literally having your children ripped away and be made to feel like you went from being a loving and dedicated companion and father to a pariah and a target for vicious personal and financial attack can be devastating..

The following content, links articles and services directories are provided on behalf of Mr. Dennis Gac, who in certain circles is considered a leading authority on navigating the murky waters of the family court system in the United States.

Although the majority of the content and reference materials specifically pertain to laws and their application in the U.S. Family Court system the principles of the law are similar and may apply under the spirit of the law for readers from jurisdictions outside the U.S.  Further help and assistance as to the reference materials as they may apply we recommend that you contact or your own legal counsel in your home country.

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