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By Dennis Gac———————http://fathershelphotline.com/

For years, the fight for fathers’ rights has been a battle. But, on a positive note good things are on the horizon in child custody cases and visitation rights for fathers. More people are joining our cause for a father’s right to his children; coming to realize fathers are very important in their child’s lives.
If you’re just beginning to fight for a fathers right to his kids, know that you are not alone. When you begin to really think about Fathers’ Rights, it’s  ultimately what’s best for children during a child custody case. A child’s best interests are served when there is an opportunity for both parents in the raising  and not denying a father custody or at the very least equal visitation rights for fathers.
In less than equal custody, a father’s right to a relationship with their child is forcibly ripped away from them. Then child support orders pay for the destruction of visitation rights for fathers, adding insult to injury. The non-custodial parent’s regular influence in shaping the child’s development is virtually eradicated when visitation rights for fathers are denied and when a court denies a father custody of his children.
It’s good to know that it’s getting through that Fathers Rights affect all parts of the paternal side of the family. Warren Farrell has studied thousands of child custody and divorce cases over twenty years. He said, “It’s not only about a father’s right or a mother’s right, it is about the a child having access to both parents; both halves”. Today’s courts don’t function in a way in which child custody cases are decided productively and in a manner that will promote strong relationship between parent and child. The result is usually denying a father custody of his kids. The child is more often than not placed right in the middle of all the conflict, and is often used to gain  advantage in court over fathers and to deny a father custody of his children.
The real victim in all of these situations is the child who is in the middle of all this conflict. We as fathers think that the costs are prohibitive and that we’re given a severe disadvantage in child custody cases anyway when courts regularly deny a father custody, so what’s the use. So, what do you do to protect your father’s right to his chiuldren? Out of total frustration most fathers consult with attorneys, but you don’t need high legal costs. If you don’t know what to do to protect your fathers’ rights, get some good information by finding out what other Fathers have done in similar child custody cases. Then, mimic what they have done successfully to gain visitation rights for fathers. This is called the “mirroring principle.” Use all guidelines possible and keep working in more options that may be available to you..

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